『Bossa Nova Moonjelly』

I wonder why, I riding on this. I am on a fighter plane with bombs

Decorate only the photograph of the lover’s

Ride on this and head for the enemy city

And now

From the overhead of innocent people

The bomb which I bought from that is country

I watching canopy glass, your smile

It is felt that something is wrong

I wonder why,The days I loved you

You are not that beautiful

Maybe you are do minimal crucial essential

Dressed up time in every way

And now

Who feels sad when I die?

At least I grieve if you die

Please do not kill yourself because

I can't love this world where you are not

All scene will become a fossil if you die

At that time, I will curse this worthless world

You are in this town on this star in this universe

You want to live so much that you want to die

I wonder why, Everyone gets on it

To the Moonjelly of fighter plane